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Lyme Cottage Industries is the home of Cushionology. Cushions are the quickest way to ring the changes in your home, and you don't have to throw all of your existing cushions away!

That's.......Cushionology.Creating beautiful cushions in both traditional and contemporary designs using top quality fabrics, mixed and matched creatively to produce individual cushion collections.

Contemplating Comfort

Cushions are so much more than just a bag filled with a yielding substance, used for sitting on or leaning against. A cushion provides support and padding against the harshness of life. It is a means by which the shock of everyday life can be absorbed, it can lessen or protect against the pressures of twenty first century living.

Cushions in multiple combinations can lift the spirits, of both the person and the room. They can change the mood in an instant, uplift, refresh and generally enhance the décor of one’s home and one’s life. Cushions exist to provide comfort and pleasure in our home. To remind us that life can be soft, can be beautiful and can be intimate.

So What Does all This Mean for You?

By choosing vibrant colours in sumptuous fabrics you inject a whole new personality into your room. And when its cold,dark and wintry on the outside of your home, you can be sure of a warm, bright welcome on the inside.

Use Your Cushions to Define the Tone of Your Room

Cushions are also the quickest and simplest way to change the tone of your room without committing to any major changes in decor or furniture and without major cost too.


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